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Beaver Tutoring

Time: Friday/Sunday 19:00-20:00

A long-term one-on-one tutoring program. There will be high-achieving tutors spending their spare time helping tutees to make academic progress.

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Boundless Concert

Time: August 7, 2022

【FREE】Come and join us to embrace and enjoy music, and more importantly, to support Asian Performers in the community!

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University Application Tutoring

Time: Ongoing

We understand applying for university is an important step for your life, and this program aims to support you in providing directions for university applications.

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Intergenerational English Learning

Time: Ongoing

This is a student-centered pedagogy for a sustainable intergenerational learning program specifically for senior Chinese immigrant learners.

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Events Calendar

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Boundless Musical Concert Press Conference

On July 24th, we held Press Conference to announce the Boundless Musical Concert

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