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College Students


Are you looking for a leadership role that challenges you? Are you passionate about bringing innovative ideas to the community?

Join Beaver With U to create your legends!



Do you have a passion for leadership and a desire to make a lasting impact in your school and community? Imagine having a dynamic group of like-minded peers who share your enthusiasm! 
Embark on a journey of empowerment by launching your very own BeaverClub chapter at your school. Become the catalyst for positive change, shaping a future where leadership knows no bounds!

  • Build up your leadership skills through getting first-hand experience of building your executive team, leading meetings and connecting with other chapter leaders across Canada
  • Make difference to the local communities by assisting peers
  • Get leading information on the field of education through sufficient resources

Role of Chapter Head:

  • Set up & promote your club

  • Recruit members & executive team (optional)

  • Run weekly club meetings

  • Connect with International students in your school

  • Organize a minimum of one event per semester and write one article per month

  • Attend seasonal meetings with other Chapter Heads to share ideas and update your progress


Ideal Candidate:

  • Accountable: quicky respond to club-related communications

  • Applicable: possesses leadership and good communication skills

  • Available: has enough time to contribute to the club


Ever found yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed in a new country? Struggling with the isolation that comes from not having someone to connect with? Fear not – Beaver Buddies is your dedicated support system!


Beaver Buddies is here to provide you with personalized, one-on-one mentorship. Let us be your compass as you navigate through the challenges that may come your way.




  • Learning common English phrases, cultural, and school systems. 

  • Answer questions mentees are facing. 

  • Become more familiar with the environment and language communication. 

  • Learn about Canadian culture and customs


  • First online orientation: the second week of September.

  • September: 1 meeting/week

  • October to December: 1 meeting/two weeks

  • After the Christmas break: 1 meeting/month

Beaver Innovation Club

Ever dreamt of taking charge of your own leadership initiatives? Ready to be a catalyst for change in your community? Welcome to the BeaverInnovation Hub, where we empower Asian youth to champion diversity and engagement in their local communities.
At BeaverInnovation Hub, we're on a mission to inspire Asian youth to explore, plan, and actively contribute to their future careers. Engage in dynamic social activities, design your own leadership projects, and be part of a movement that fosters positive transformation.

  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Build your ability to collaborate with others. 
  • Financial support with realistic amounts
  • Social influence and promotion

Applicants criteria: 

  • Age 15 to 25 

  • Fluent in both English and Mandarin. 

  • Be proactive, open-minded, tolerant, creative and have a respectful attitude. 

  • Have leadership or event organising experiences 

  • Can be a team project but with one representative 


Project criteria: 

  • More than 20 participants 

  • Non-profit, and have a positive social influence

  • Belong to two categories: arts and culture, education

  • Target audiences: Asian youths, international students, and new immigrants

  • Project report must be submitted within three months.

Beaver Operation

Ever wondered about the inner workings of non-profit operations? Ready to turn curiosity into hands-on experience in marketing, events, and administration? Seize the opportunity to join our dynamic team, where you can shape the future of youth and make a lasting impact!


At our non-profit organization, we believe in the power of action and the potential for positive change. Join our team and immerse yourself in a rewarding experience that goes beyond the ordinary.



  • High quality volunteer hours and certification

  • Build connections with leaders graduated from top universities 

  • Sufficient resources to support university application and career planning


  • Clear logical thinking with a strong foundation in both Chinese and English writing

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

  • Responsible and able to complete tasks on time and with high quality

  • Commitment of at least 6 months, dedicating 2-3 hours per week

  • Mainly online involvement with 3-4 mandatory offline events annually

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