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Executive Team

Holly Chen

Hi friends! My name is Holly and I was once an international student  myself and I understand that coming to a new country at such a young age can be lonely, lost and difficult to fit in. The goal of our operation is to bring warm support to the community and in the meanwhile hone some useful skills for the youth to help them thrive in the future job market.


" If you can dream it, you can do it. "

”Please enjoy the unavoidable pain“

Hi everyone, I am Janet.  I am very interested in management and operation, and I hope in this place I can not only build some of my personal skills but also support the work of our organization and grow with everyone! I  look forward to creating more interesting and resourceful activities to support more youth in the community. 

Administrative Assistant 


Hey everyone! I'm Olivia, the reason I joined Beaver is because I wanted to help students. By providing academic information and assistance so students who are just like me or younger than me can succeed in their high school life. In addition, I was able to meet a group of friends through Beaver. I really enjoy the time working with others at Beaver and I will continue to provide you with useful information as much as possible. So maybe sit back and enjoy :)!

Olivia Ouyang
Director of Academic Department


"The only way of winning is by winning yourself."

"Practice makes perfect."

Snowy Luo
Director of Editorial Department 

Hi, my name is Snowy and  I joined Beaver with U because I'm willing to help Asian youth be more familiar with the local conditions and customs of Canada through the charm of words. All Editorial Department members and I hope to present more fun and diverse articles that will help the community of international students to find the beauty in every small things happening and enjoy the life.


Eva Jia
Director of Academic Department

”Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes“

Eva (1)_edited.jpg

Hi, my name is Eva and I joined Beaver With U hoping to support international students in Canada. Academics is an important aspect of life in Canada as international students. Me and the Academic Department hope to organize fun academic events and publish useful articles on the academic life in Canada, to prepare international students for their future academic path.


Ariel Jia
Director of Design Department

"Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free."

Hello, I am Ariel. I joined Beaver with U because I want to help people who are studying in Canada and interested in art. Getting in touch with art design can often enhance people’s artistic aesthetics, and there are many situations when design techniques are required. I believe our Department will provide more professional and appealing art works to the public.

Sven Zhang
Director of Events Department 

"Look up, smile :]"

Hi there! Nice to meet you here! I am Sven, in the first, my reason for joining Beaver With U was just because it seemed like a great choice to fulfill my spare time; however, when I actually stepped into this community, I gained hugely from friendship, management skill, leadership skill and all sorts of perspectives - way more than what I anticipated.

Sherry Lin
Director of Mental Wellness Department

"Enjoy the joys and sorrows of every moment of life."

Hello everyone, I am Sherry, and  I have recently graduated from OISE, University of Toronto studying Developmental Psychology and Education. Joining Beaver is to spread out what I learnt from the school in the most easy-to-understand way, and indirectly assisting people to find the direction for their own life earlier. 

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