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Beaver With U is one of the best organizations that I have joined. Everyone in the group was super friendly and supportive. I’ve made lots of friends at Beaver. It also provided me the opportunities to improve my collaboration and communication skills. This memory was valuable to me!


Beaver helped me grow tremendously as a team leader by teaching me many lessons that I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere. Everyone in the team is so passionate and responsible. With a great team like this, I was able to achieve my potential and it also helped me understand the importance of commitment. Looking forward to another year!



I have joined Beaver With U since August 2020. I not only did a variety of activities and projects with team members but also wrote articles that interest me. I have to say that Holly and team leaders are so so so friendly!!! They gave us a lot of constructive opinions and arranged tasks reasonably. I feel so happy to join Beaver With U and my team! I am looking forward to upcoming projects. 

I have learned many new techniques and learned a lot from my predecessors this year. Of course, I also gained invaluable volunteering experience and opportunities.

Xu Sang Yu

Through this year in Beaver With U, I gained many experiences and participated in great and meaningful events hosted by Beaver With U.

Zou Han Yu

Everyone is very nice and friendly, and we are improving ourselves little by little everyday.


The activities in Beaver With U feel very interactive and interesting, expanding my social network and enhancing my confidence.


The activities are interactive, and I always have the opportunity to express myself. Weekly duties are also easy to finish.


I really like working in this department. We not only collaborated with each other, but also tackled many challenging problems, which is fun and enlightening.

Nina Zhang

Peter Huang

Beaverwithu has allowed me to have such a wonderful experience working with people who have similar hobbies and interests. Every member of the team is so nice and polite. I really enjoy working in this positive environment. 

Ella Ling

The Academics Department provides many opportunities, and I learned a lot from my experience in the department. The events held by our department benefits me and many others for the future.

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