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Art Design Program

Green Paper Structures

 As social media is inseparable from our lives, naturally, we want our accounts to stand out! How can you do that, here we introduce the Art Design Program, a student initiative that offers 7 different designs that will bring stylish art into your daily life? Tell us, and we will create the best design just for you!


Our Designers!

Logo Design



Greeting Cards



  1. According to the above example, please select the style you like and let us know by adding WeChat (scan at the right side).
  2. We will still establish a WeChat group and send you a request form. In 48 hours, we will have the illustrator communicate with you directly to understand your needs in detail.
  3. Once the fee is paid, we will move to the drawing phase.
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Website Design

We can help you design your website! If you are interested please email us at

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