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Python Class

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Python is very friendly to programming beginners. Compared with C or Java, Python has a design philosophy that emphasizes easy-to-read code and concise syntax. Therefore, it is especially suitable for beginners to master it quickly. Furthermore, Python is used in many fields, including artificial intelligence, data analysis, website design, and game design. 

Why Python?

About Our Course

Hands on Computer Keyboard
Beaver Python class aim to provide  an introductory class that allows students to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills. With small class size, our students can learn great deal. We have hosted two sessions of Beaver Coding Class, 2021 Summer, and 2021 Fall.  Each session is approximately 12 hours long.  By the end of the class, many students  have found their passion for programming. Moving forward, we would continue to develop similar events to help students discover their interests.
Ryan masters multiple coding languages. He has participated in Waterloo’s Canadian Computing contest and received the top 25% distinction at the senior level. He also had a perfect score in his grade 11 computer science course. In addition, Ryan designed the slide shows and problem sets for the Beaver Coding Class to help students better understand and practice the course content.

About Our Tutor




The Basics of Python

Python Arrays

  • Defining Array
  • Assigning Data
  • Browsing Array
  • Two-dimensional Array
  • Bubble sort
  • Selection sort
  • Insertion sort
  • If Statement
  • While Loops
  • Break Statement
  • For Loops
  • Nested Loops
  • Variable
  • ​Data Types
  • Converting Data Types
  • Output Format
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logic Operators
  • Defining Function
  • Return Statement
  • Internal and External Variables
  • Recursion Algorithm

Python Define

Loops and Control statement in Python

* At the end of the session, students can learn around 80% of their high school computer science course.

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2021 Fall


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