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Purple Paper Structures
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Silent Auction 【Closed】

Art Work Introduction

1. Artist: Bahtigar Hira

Ebru is the traditional Turkish art of creating colourful patterns by sprinkling and brushing colour pigments onto a pan of oily water and then transferring the patterns to paper. Known as marbling, the designs and effects include flowers, foliage, ornamentation, latticework, mosques and moons, and are used for decoration in the traditional art of bookbinding. The practitioner uses natural methods to extract colours from natural pigments, which are then mixed with a few drops of ox-gall, a kind of natural acid, before sprinkling and brushing the colours onto a preparation of condensed liquid, where they float and form swirling patterns. Ebru artists, apprentices and practitioners consider their art to be an integral part of their traditional culture, identity and lifestyle. Their knowledge and skills, as well as the philosophy behind this art, are transmitted orally and through informal practical training within master-apprentice relationships. Achieving basic skills in Ebru takes at least two years. The tradition is practised without barriers of age, gender or ethnicity, and plays a significant role in the empowerment of women and the improvement of community relationships. The collective art of Ebru encourages dialogue through friendly conversation, reinforces social ties and strengthens relations between individuals and communities.

Red Tulip (Item No. 1)

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Blooming Tulip (Item No. 2)

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Rose (Item No. 3)

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Reflection: Tulip and Bird (Item No. 4)

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2. Artist: Angel Wang

Media: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 17’’x 22’’ Category: Self Portrait

Within the composition, there are two figures of myself. The figure of myself in the foreground with a casual outfit represents my ordinary daily routine while another figure of myself in the background represents the unique charm of me granted by my beautiful culture. I portrayed my physical features with realistic and sensitive changes in lighting, emphasized my personality with the application of vivid colours, and demonstrated my cultural background with the inclusion of the Chinese Traditional Outfit “汉服 (Han fu)” to comprehensively display my identity and self-awareness. Overall, the objective of this artwork is to demonstrate my awareness and pride in my cultural identity and express my appreciation for the social environment of Canada that values cultural diversity.

Me and Me (Item No. 5)

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3. Artist: Angel Wang

Media: Clay, Acrylic Paint Size: 20 x15 x10cm Category: Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by my road trip to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. As I enjoyed my journey, I was shocked by the extraordinary beauty of the Canadian landscapes I saw along the way. When I got a chance to place myself within mother nature to appreciate its enchanting beauty, I felt that I was released from all pressures and felt peaceful and happy from the bottom of my heart. Therefore, I believe mother nature is “my place” to heal, relax and enjoy myself. Nowadays, many people, including me, are trapped by the heavy workload and high self-expectations. The excessive amount of daily chores often causes us to lose the ability to relax and connect ourselves to mother nature. Overall, this sculpture is a thumbnail of the stunning landscapes of Canada. It also delivers my view on a healthy and ideal relationship between humans and nature.

My Place (Item No. 6)


All Items:

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