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Department Intro

Academics is committed to providing an information platform for Canadian high school students. We have published over 60 articles including high school graduation expectations, Canadian University admissions requirements, extracurricular activities recommendation, and more. We also have our monthly interview with current undergraduate/graduate students to share their experiences. At the same time, we organize a series of academic activities to stimulate students' enthusiasm and expectations for learning. For example:

  • Peer tutoring is a tutoring program started January 2021. The program has helped more than 100 students from kindergarten to grade 12 on their academics and provided more than 1000 volunteer hours to high schoolers and undergraduates.

  • The 2021 Virtual Student Pitch Competition is a two round competition open to students from grade 8 to grade 12 and will be in groups of 2-4 people. Our value is to provide a chance for students to gain experience in case competitions, strengthen creativity, develop entrepreneurship, and receive feedback from a talented pool of educators and professors. During the last round of the competition, we were proud to say that the video presentations have received more than 10000 views and more than 8000 audiences have joined us to vote for their favorite  finalists. 


Our goal is to provide academic information and academic activities to help students in learning. We motivate students to take every opportunity and turn them into success.

The Events Department is committed to organize and plan various social events. We have hosted more than 70 activities, including Werewolf, Murder Mystery, and Hornors of Kings, to help attendees expand their social circle through entertaining games. We have also organized special events on various holidays, such as matching on November 11th or known as the Single’s Day, where we pair up participants based on their hobbies. Beyond these, our weekly Python programming beginner class fall session recently ended, and it was well received by students. We are also responsible for writing a monthly funny tweet collection to bring readers more joy. In addition, the team building activities within Beaver With U are organized by our event department to help everyone familiarize with others and enhance team cohesion. After the epidemic is over, we will also prepare for future offline activities. ​​Our purpose is not only to organize interesting and meaningful activities to enrich the spare time of our friends, but also to provide students the opportunity to realize their own favorite activities.

The Editorial Department was established to provide Asian Youth with a more comprehensive and timely view of current events in Canada, allowing them to better integrate into Canadian life. We started with a weekly news report on Saturdays and now the topics have become more diverse. The types of articles we are doing now mostly include lifestyle and exposition:

  • Lifestyle articles mainly focus on introducing places to eat and play in Toronto, such as movie recommendations, ski resort sharing and Christmas destinations.

  • Most of the expository articles are related to current policies and some historical knowledge, such as medical science, vaccine notices, and the introduction of Remembrance Day, with the article about the tips on how to return to Canada attracting over 2,700 readers! 

Our initial goal is not only to help newcomers quickly integrate into Canadian life, but also to make it easier for people who have lived in Canada for years to learn about various practical information. In the future, we will continue to bring more high-quality articles to everyone, with the hope of assisting you in understanding Canada better and making your life in Canada smoother.

The Mental Wellness department is responsible for writing educational articles, sharing various topics in mental wellness. The type of articles we are posting include:

  •  Psychological popular science

  •  Psychological assessments

  •  Peer experience sharing 

In addition, the  Mental Wellness department will cooperate with other departments to launch a series of activities to spread the values of equality, tolerance, diversity and respect.

The current running activities in Mental Wellness department is: 

  • Beaver Tea Party

  • Worry-free House


The tea party is held on the Saturday of the third week of every month. Welcome to make friends, chat and play together. Worry-free House is a one-to-one peer counselling platform for everyone. The chat could be anonymous. Worry-free House hopes that the counselling session can help you to ease the burdens coming from your study and life.

The Marketing department mainly focuses on running our social media platforms such as Instagram, Red, etc. We are responsible for posting our articles, activities, and volunteer opportunities on those platforms. We currently have 2400+ followers on Instagram, 382 followers on Red. Beside that we are also in charge of monthly newsletter and volunteer opportunities. For the past two years, our organization has helped 2000+ families. As in the future,  we aim to reach everyone who needs help.

The design department is mainly responsible for producing exquisite illustrations, designing interesting posters, social media graphics, and organizing art-related activities and courses. The art projects we are planning include:

  • Popular science brochures about GTA knowledge

  • Children's holiday art class for children (online)

  • Illustration competitions to show the festive mood 

(such as the Spring Festival theme illustration competition)

  • Commercial acceptance of various art forms 

(such as logo design, illustration, and avatar design...)

  • A summary poster introducing the monthly activities of the beaver


Our original intention is to attract everyone with rich visual effects, to convey wonderful activities and full knowledge by organizing art activities, so more people can find like-minded friends while enjoying art! In the days to come, the design department will work harder to produce better quality works and activities. Stay tuned!

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