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Performance & Artists List

19:00-19:30 Asian performers

1. 围城 The City

"The City" is a song of wakening, waking up our identity, who we are, discovering the true self deep down. Being an Asian is hard, no doubt every one of us here has been through a lot. but hey! Don't be afraid, in this multicultural world today, we can and we should get out of "The City" and be proud.

2. Piano Sonata No.14, Op.27 No.2

Piano Sonata No.14, Op.27 No.2 is written in 1801 by Beethoven. The third movement contains a delicate structure and a sanguine piano effect. The movement is also ended in a climax.

3. Starlight

"Starlight" is a song she wrote to showcase love for Canada as young minorities. It is a home we can rely on.

4. And the Colours of the Night

Canada is a very multicultural and diverse country, there is still a lot we can do to make Canada a more inclusive and better place for everyone. The title of the song is a metaphor for inequities that we may not be able to see, but do exist for some.

5. Heart

Bağlama is one of the most commonly used string folk instrument in Turkey, similar to the Chinese Lute. Today, Nahit wants to use this traditional instrument to deliver the determinant and sincere of Turkish people.

6. Forever Young

Halfway around the world, we come to this land, and slowly take root and sprout here. No matter what we experience, may we forever love, forever Young

19:30-20:45 String Quartet

1. Happy Together-Turtles

Happy Together-Turtles as the first piece is composed by an American rockabilly band named "The Turtles," which is a breezy tune that enables audiences to relax and enjoy the concert.

2. Trumpet Voluntary

In 1939, Princess Elizabeth met the other half of her life, Prince Philip, at the Naval Academy and fell in love at first sight. At that time, she was 13 years old and he was 18 years old. On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were formally married in Westminster Abbey, London. The second song, the opening song of their wedding, takes us back to that sweet moment and relive the happiest time.

3. All of me

From 1949 to 1951, Prince Philip was stationed in the naval forces in Malta, where Princess Elisabeth accompanied him and spent the most leisurely and peaceful period of her life. During this time, the eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anna, were also born. The third song All of me is a good illustration of the sincere relationship between Princess Elisabeth and Prince Charles.

4. God Save the Queen

In 1962, renowned British composer, conductor and pianist Benjamin Britten recreated a new version of "God Save the Queen" for the Queen, which has remained in widespread use as the British national anthem and the Royal Salute to Canada ever since. This song has appeared repeatedly at various important celebrations of the Queen, so please enjoy it together

5. Royal Fireworks Suite: Overtune-Adagio

In 2002, the Queen celebrated the 50th anniversary of her accession to the throne, and the celebration took place in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, where a grand fireworks display and music brought together everyone in the UK and the Commonwealth to celebrate the momentous occasion. This piece, a classic royal salute, was performed at the celebration, conducted by Andrew Davis. Let's follow the music and feel the joy of the celebration

6. Mama Mia

The Palace Party for the 50th Golden Jubilee in 2022 was a four-day event that featured not only classical music, but also many of the pop and rock artists of the time。 The event on June 3rd was called the possibly the greatest concert ever in British history by performance of Live Aid in 1985. Among the many pop singers, ABBA was one of the Queen's favorite bands, especially their Dancing Queen. And our sixth song is another popular song that ABBA is known for, Mama Mia, hope you like it!

7. Royal Fireworks. La Rejouissance: Allegro

2012 was a special year for Britain, not only did it mark the Diamond Jubilee year of the Queen's 60th anniversary on the throne, but it was also the third time London hosted the modern Olympics. At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the Queen herself and 007 as we know him leapt from the plane to open the Games. Let's review this interesting moment

8. Water Music: Air

The Queen also celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, becoming only the second Queen in the history of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth to celebrate 60 years on the throne. To celebrate this special occasion, most Commonwealth member countries added a four-day holiday weekend and set up trusts to fund charities across the Commonwealth. Let's listen to some of the classic music pieces from the celebration

9. Hey Jude (Beatles)

Having said so much about the Queen's life, let's dig deep into her music taste. The Queen is not as fond of classical music as one might think, in fact, pop music is also one of her favorites. Both the Queen and Prince Philip admired the popular Beatles and invited them to perform for the Queen several times, and also awarded them the Order of the British Empire. Let's listen to the Beatles' most famous song Hey Jude

10. Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)

George Harrison of The Beatles was upset for a long time because of his illness, his private life and his record business. Here comes the sun is inspired by a ray of sunshine when he went to a friend's garden one day to relax. Life is always full of troubles, and Queen Elizabeth has a bumpy journey, which keeps her up and down, but there is always goodness to come, like a ray of sunshine that shines into our lives unnoticed.

11. Ragtime

In addition to rock and roll, the Queen's favorite is also jazz, today we offer you Ragtime in early Jazz. Let's feel the feel the rhythm.

12. A 1000 years

2021 was a grey year for the Queen, with the new crown epidemic raging in the general environment and the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in 2021. People will be separated, but love will not disappear, we hope to use this song to let everyone feel the strong feelings between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

13. Perfect

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning Queen in the history of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, and the first Queen to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. On June 5th, Ed Sheeran, a close friend of the Queen's grandson Prince Harry, performed “Perfect”, and we hope to end the evening with this tune and wish you a wonderful evening!

Performers Intro

1. Yan

The current president of the Chinese Music Club at the University of Toronto, singer, song-writer, has been awarded as most potential singer at 2022 "Sing! China" Toronto. "I want to encourage myself and my peers when we are down or in a slump, and record my growth in each period."

2. Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. She performed all various events including Canada Day Celebrations, philanthropic events, and etc. She is a passionate and creative musician who is enthusiastic about contributing her musical abilities for her community.

3. Bob Bao

Haotian(Bob) Bao started learning piano at age of 4, and have been playing passionately for 14 years. He was invited to play at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2019. His passion of playing the piano has never lost, and love to transmit gladness with my music.

4. Nahit Ozcelik

Nahit Ozcelik (he), born and raised in Turkey, a newcomer, true passion toward music, he is here today to present us Baglama.

5. String Quartet

Violinist: Rodion Boshoer (Music Director/founder)

Broadway's "Forever Tango" soloist; Former member of the Odyssey National Philharmonic Orchestra; A versatile musician with a wide range of styles, ranging from jazz to tango to classical; Performs as a member of Django Sextet at famous jazz festivals around the world.

Cellist: Grigory Goldberg

A symphony musician; Former member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and National Ballet of Canada; Born in Belarus, graduated from the Minsk Conservatory and the National Conservatory of Music; Has performed extensively in Canada, the United States, and Europe; Won awards in International String Quartet competitions in Evian, France, and Portsmouth.

Violist: Cameron Ogilvie

Collaborations with the Hamilton Philharmonic, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, and Esprit Orchestra; has performed with symphony orchestras and opera companies in the United States, Germany and Japan; has a wide range of interests and has also dabbled in the art of photography, working as a studio, portrait and product photographer.

Violinist: Alexander Gangurean

Former guest musician of the Moldova National Symphony Orchestra; Former member of the Moldovan State Opera; Born in a musical family, graduated from the Moldovan State University of Music, and was a student of top professors at the prestigious Stolyalsky School in Odessa and the Moscow State Conservatory of Music; A member of GTA orchestra; Active violin teacher.

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