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Boundless Concert Press Conference

Boundless Musical Concert Press Conference, hosted by Beaver With U, a non-profit organization for Asian youth in Canada and funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, was held at noon July 24th at Xinflix Media. Beaver With U announced a free Toronto concert on August 7th at the Fairview Theatre of the Toronto Public Library.

Many representatives from the three-level government sent greeting videos and letters in advance. They are Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Department of Canadian Heritage; Members of Parliament including Han Dong, Shaun Chen, Majid Jowhari and Jean Yip; Members of Provincial Parliament of Ontario including Vincent Ke, Billy Pang, Vijay Thanigasalam and Chris Glover; Isa Lee, Markham Ward 8 City Councilor, and Godwin Chan, Richmond Hill Ward 2 City Councilor.

Boundless Musical Concert Press Conference ended successfully

Sherry Jiao, the assistant of Majid Jowhari (Member of Parliament Richmond Hill); Daisy Wai, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario; Larry Lau, the assistant of Billy Pang(Member of Parliament Markham); Shelly Carroll and Nick Mantas, Toronto City Councillors, attended the press conference and sent their greeting speech to Beaver With U with the greeting letters. The president of Beaver With U, Holly Chen, also prepared thank you letters for all presented representatives.

From left to right: Sherry Jiao, Larry Lau, Daisy Wai, Holly Chen, Nick Mantas, Shelly Carroll

Holly Chen, Founder and President of Beaver With U, gave a welcome speech and thanked every "guardian angel" of the youth, whose support is essential to a thriving youth community. Meanwhile, the representatives of the sponsors and partners presented their sincere greetings for the concert event. At last, teen original song-writer Vanessa Wang performed a trailer of her songs for the concert.

​​Holly introduced, Beaver With U is a Canadian non-profit organization founded in August 2019, dedicated to help Asian youth better adjust to life in Canada from academic, daily life and mental health aspects. Beaver has helped more than 15,000 people and gave out more than 18,200 volunteer hours. We encourage community volunteerism in the hope of providing high-quality opportunities to help young people hone important skills that will prepare them for future education, employment and career development.

At age of 14, Holly started her journey of studying aboard. From an international student to the founder of a leading non-profit organization, she had experienced language barriers, culture differences, loneliness, and all sorts of setbacks and obstacles. These experiences allows Holly to sympathies the challenges of the current generation in order to better support them. As mentioned by the representatives, youth supporting youth is the most effective way to develop the youth community. And Holly agrees and understands with the ideology, and is working hard to support youth in the community.

Holly Chen with Sherry Jiao, Majid Jowhari(Member of Parliament Richmond Hill)’s assistant

Holly Chen with Daisy Wai, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario

Holly Chen with Larry Lau, Billy Pang (Member of Parliament Markham)’s assistant

Holly Chen with City Councillor Shelly Carroll

Holly Chen with City Councillor Nick Mantas

Beaver With U, as the only Asian youth organization being selected by the Canadian Government and the Department of Canadian Heritage, commemorates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's remarkable service to Canada during her 70 years on the throne by presenting an excellent concert this summer: Boundless Musical Concert. Beaver With U hope to deliver the Canadian core values of inclusiveness, diversity and equality through the event. We of different colours, religions and backgrounds come together to share the beauty of music and art because of the harmony and inclusiveness of Canada.

The theme of the concert is Boundless, which means no boundaries, limits or definitions. It promotes inter-ethnic communication and cultural exchange, and provides a platform for young artists from diverse backgrounds to inspire multi-ethnic groups and highlight the long-standing Canadian concept of integration.

  • Event location: Toronto Public Library Fairview Theatre, 35 Fairview Mall Dr, North York, ON M2J 4S4 ON

  • Date: August 7th,

  • Event breakdown: (You can choose to participate in one or more parts of our events on your personal preference)

- 5:30-8:30 PM: Art Exhibitions & Silent Auctions

- 7:00-7:30 PM: Performance

- 7:30-7:45 PM: Break

- 7:45-8:45 PM: String Quartet 2022

The event includes a silent auction and a concert. The exhibition opens to the public at 5:30 p.m. EST, and the concert opens at 7 p.m. EST. It's free for public benefit.

Holly Chen with the MC Han Xiao

Beaver With U team member

** Special thanks to our sponsors: Royal Bank of Canada, One Day Off, and Canadian Thai. Event partners: University of Toronto Chinese Music Club (CMC), University of Toronto Republic of Movie Believer (UTRMB), Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI GTA), and 20 other collaborating organizations and clubs.

The Boundless Concert tickets are now available for booking. If you are interested, please book your tickets in "Upcoming Events".

Photos credited to James Lin, Mary, Kiki Zeng, Xiaomin Liang, and Jay Wang.

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